Sound Quartet (aka SQ) is expanding the field of chamber music with electroacoustic research, composition and performance. The main ensemble 2016/2017 is Hara Alonso (SE/ES), Thomas Bjelkeborn(SE), Raquel Meyers (ES/SE) and Paul Pignon(SE). Sound Quartet is also involved in music projects with Nadia Ratsimandrecy(FR) and Emilie Girard-Charest(C). Thomas Bjelkeborn is involved in research and artistic work to further develop the music of Sound quartet at Sound and Physical Interaction research group Alto University Helsinki with Dr Koray Tahiroglu(Fi). Philippe Moenne-Loccoz(FR) is one of the founders of Sound Quartet and is often part of activities in France and Sweden as musician and curator.

Current productions:
• SQ ft *****, for concerts mainly at the regular concert series at Fylkingen Stockholm. Core ensemble is Thomas Bjelkeborn(SE), Paul Pignon(SE), Hara Alonso (SE/ES) and Raquel Meyers (ES/SE) often with extensions/substitutions (*****) of other musicians.
• Sound Quartet At5, mainly for concerts in France. Ensemble is Thomas Bjelkeborn(SE), Philippe Moenne-Loccoz(FR), Paul Pignon(SE), Nadia Ratsimandrecy(FR) and Raquel Meyers (ES/SE)
• SQ ft Emilie Girard-Charest(C), for concerts mainly in France. Ensemble is Thomas Bjelkeborn(SE), Philippe Moenne-Loccoz(FR) and Emilie Girard-Charest(C)
CD production:
• Sound Quartet At5, Music recorded during residencies in France by Thomas Bjelkeborn(SE), Philippe Moenne-Loccoz(FR), Paul Pignon(SE), Nadia Ratsimandrecy(FR) and Raquel Meyers (ES/SE)

The following composers and musicians have collaborated with Sound Quartet for new music and concerts: Viv Corringham(US), Blanca Regina(ES), Andrew Woodhead(UK), Emma Lloyd(UK), Jess Aslan(UK), Lisa Ullén (SE), Frøya Dahlø(NO), Josep Lluise Galiana(ES), Johan Sundberg(SE), Olle Åberg(SE), Edith Alonso(ES), Julian Bonequi(MX), Nina de Heney(SE), Gregorio Jimenez(ES), Anthony Maubert(FR), Mark Pilkington(UK) and Per Ålund(SE). The following have appeared as visual artists: Viktor Zeidner (SE), Blanca Regina(ES) and Michael Larsson(SE). The first initiative for SQ was in 1992 by Thomas Bjelkeborn and Philippe Moenne-Loccoz out of experimental research at EMS Stockholm and MIA Annecy.

Members: To be updated.
Thomas Bjelkeborn is a sound artist, electronic musician and electroacoustic composer from Sweden. He is also a curator for the PUSH festival Gävle and at Fylkingen Stockholm. He has performed compositions at electroacoustic and electronic festivals on all continents since 1988. He is a member of The Swedish Society of Composers, Fylkingen, SEAMS, ICEM and ISCM. He founded The Swedish Institute for Digital Arts IDKA and worked as director 2000-2007 and senior adviser until 2010. He worked as assistent Studio Manager of EMS Stockholm 1992-94 with responsibility for studie courses, workshops and education in electroacoustic composition.
Paul Pignon has been playing and composing music of almost every kind for nearly 60 years, he has a physics degree and is a pioneer in EAM. His first foray into non-idiomatic improvisation was in Oxford 1962. He has lived about equally in the UK, Yugoslavia and Sweden.

Picture of SQ at Audio Art Festival 2014. In the past Sound Quartet often toured as a trio with a duo setting on stage extended with visuals including Thomas Bjelkeborn, Paul Pignon and Viktor Zeidner. This setting is no longer associated with Sound Quartet and continued in the duo BOP (aka Bjelkeborn & Pignon).