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Hara, Thomas and Phil at Fylkingen Stockholm

Hurtigrutten Jordbro with Liisa, Thomas and Paul

At5 concert and workshop at ElectroChoc France

Residency Sound and Physical Interaction Helsinki

Hara Alonso at Fylkingen Stockholm together with Sound Quartet ft Catharina Backman

Sound Quartet ft Alexandra Nilsson at Fylkingen

Sound Quartet playing Howling Shouts 2nd at Sonorities SARC Belfast (UK)

SoundQuartet ft Ratsimandrecy & Meyers at Gallery l’Arteppes Annecy (FR)

CEPA Propuesta nº 20, Centro Cultural de El Sauzal, Teneriffa Spain, 11th november 2015

The Baltic House Lab, St. John’s Centre Gdansk, 4th september 2015

Audio Art Festival Krakow 16 nov 2014

Galeria Bunkier Sztuki Audio Art Festival Krakow 16 nov 2014 Photo © Mikołaj Zając

The Wire Tapper 36 Oct 2014,

Mopomoso/Vortex London 18 may 2014

SQ at Spirit of Gravity/The Green Door London 1 may 2014

SQ at Music Hackspace / Troyganic London 30 april 2014

SQ ft Ohsoweird at In-Sonora Madrid 15 mar 2014

SQ ft Matthews & Pedreira at Función lenguaje Madrid 14 mar 2014

SQ ft Ohsoweird at Studio84 16 feb 2014

SQ at Club Lamour 12 feb 2014

27/28 Gävle 04 feb 2014

Anti art alliance Stockholm 21 jan 2014

D.A.N.S Stockholm 23 nov 2013

SQ ft Lisa Ullén 12 nov 2013


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