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Sound Quartet is supported by Swedish arts council.
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"In vain we search for music providers, not run by big tech or ego venture capital, that respect musicians performing rights and sustainable ecofriendly investments"
Lindal & Bjelkeborn
1. Needle gavotte 15:13
2. Rutschklapper 06:46
3. Moorechants 13:13
4. Beebees 17:25

•Eva Lindal - violin
•Thomas Bjelkeborn - electronics

_This music leads the way towards the distant shorelines of the pleasingly unheard, four intense journeys created during in-depth exploratory sessions staged by Sound Quartet, adventurous duo compositions that excels as high energy soundscapes driven by unaccustomed playing techniques and harsh spectral combinations.

_released December 22, 2023
All music composed by Eva Lindal and Thomas Bjelkeborn
Produced, recorded and mastered by Studio84 Stockholm
Artwork by Triptychos Design Elin Hjulström Lord 
Bad number _ Bjelkeborn & Pignon
1. Four zero zero 05:30
2. Zero zero five 08:04
3. Seven three zero 03:30
4. Nine zero three 05:42
5. One four zero 04:48
6. Four zero eight 09:48
7. Zero eight three 06:48
8. Zero nine four 05:40
9. Zorry three six 00:58

•Thomas Bjelkeborn - electronic sounds and synthesis
•Paul Pignon - reeds, recorders and didgeridoo

_released April 21, 2023
All music composed by Bjelkeborn & Pignon
Produced, recorded and mastered by Studio84 Stockholm
Cover artwork by Triptychos Additional artwork and design Elin Hjulström Lord
Queen Mab _ Thomas Bjelkeborn
1. Speedbump 09:15
2. Unplucked 07:59
3. Landing in Berlin 06:52
4. Love in the eye of Queen Mab 08:44
5. Alpha Position U 09:17
6. Decipher 07:42
7. Swingding 09:38
8. Submetal 08:10
9. Tvåfemtvå 02:52

"With a whip made of crickets bone and chariot wheels of long spiders legs, galloping brains night by night with dreams which is as thin of substance as the air, elusive and malicious delutions for lovers and soldiers alike. The fairies midwife, this is she, Queen Mab"

The music on this album has strong traces of old style acousmatic soundart, electronic minimalism and the Swedish text-sound genre. This is a collection of unique stereo adaptions of the original multichannel fixed media compositions created by the renown Swedish sound artist Thomas Bjelkeborn. These creations are closely related to the sound worlds presented by influential international electroacoustic music communities around the globe and has been performed at art music festivals on all continents. The respective works was composed in a multitude of residencies in electronic music studios in Sweden, France and Great Britain.

_released February 24, 2023
All music composed by Thomas Bjelkeborn
Remixed and mastered for stereo by Studio84 Stockholm Sweden
Supported by Swedish arts council
Artwork and design Elin Hjulström Lord
Polyworks _ Bjelkeborn & Pignon
1. Polygyps 10:22
2. Polymood 13:05
3. Polyants 08:16
4. Polyduo 11:45
5. Polydots 06:13
6. Polytramp 11:31
7. Polywood 10:47

•Thomas Bjelkeborn - electronic sounds and synthesis
•Paul Pignon - reeds, recorders and didgeridoo

_released December 13, 2020
All music composed by Bjelkeborn & Pignon
Produced at Studio84 Stockholm
Supported by Swedish Arts Council
Artwork Nils Bjelkeborn
CD Design Elin Hjulström Lord
© all rights reserved Triptychos

© 2024 Sound Quartet

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