Sound Quartet

expanding electroacoustic chamber music

soundings overgrown at Fylkingen Ibaibarriaga, Lindal, Moënne-Loccoz, Bjelkeborn & Nowén.

On that path, retreat to gather thoughts on life in music

Unboxing, strike a pose, life’s a ball. Research residency on ai and interfaces for music.

URORDNING at Fylkingen with Ullén, Lundén, Nilsson & Bjelkeborn

It’s not a flaw at Fylkingen Vokeebo, Sound Quartet ft Claussen, releaseparty

Concert at Fylkingen, TON and SQ ft. Ibaibarriaga, Lindal, Moenne-Loccoz-Loccoz, IAKDS and Bjelkeborn

Residency at Studio84, recording new works with Ibaibarriaga, Lindal, Moenne-Loccoz and Bjelkeborn

7-18 march Composition, development and recording sessions, for new duo cd Bjelkeborn & Pignon

Circular E’s Fylkingen, SQ ft Martina Claussen, IAKDS with core and Lisa&Kroffe

Bjelkeborn & Pignon, 3 weeks Recording, research & composition at Studio 84 for new CD

Inspiration and research residency, 2 weeks up north in the swedish scandies

composition retreat at studio 84 due to new covid restrictions

Depth, Darkness and the conspicous at fylkingen

Ida Lundén, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz, Paul Pignon & Thomas Bjelkeborn as Sound quartet recording at Studio 84

3 weeks of research and worldmaking by Bjelkeborn & Pignon

retreat for inspiration and collection of source material for coming compositions

exploring realtime fm synthesis for coming live performances

SQ Pre-study, controlling synthesis with extended guitar, wii’s or MPE

15 prolific musicians, 3 CD’s on Triptychos label, Soundquartet in a box

Testing MPE input solutions for greater musical intrumentality on electronic sound worldmaking

_Red moon chant_ _ _ _ fylkingen _ _ _ Sound quartet ft. Martina Claussen

Pre-study continues with happy faces over artistic talks

Running test on local UDP, and sure, making music on it

It’s Time for the easter Break


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