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Pignon, Claussen, Bjelkeborn _Fylkingen 1 sept_

Pignon Claussen Bjelkeborn


Friday 29 sept 2023 kl19.30

19:30 Fixed media EAM – Unplucked  Thomas Bjelkeborn


20:00 Martina Claussen Live

20:15 #tretystaminuter


20:45 Hörselbio EAM Fixed media surround 

Recreatures  Paul Pignon

This music is me interacting with the Zoetic Engine I built on a Synthi 100 at the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. The engine is three complex patched Creatures involving a lot of inherent instability and selfplay which are rather indolent without stimuli from outside. We created this piece together, I animating them by playing basset horn, and they me hearing their responses.

Fluid ribbons  Martina Claussen

Imagine the rhythmic pattern of the human breath and voice, the sounds of a tam tam and a synthesizer all coming together. At some point these sound sources become entangled with field recordings made on a croatian island, which results in them interacting with each other, creating new patterns.

Landing in Berlin  Thomas Bjelkeborn 

This composition is inspired by the good vibes I felt during my participation in the S.LOW festival in Berlin with the really chaotic flight coming there as an added spice to the mix. The music was composed at Visby international Composer Center and first performed at a Metanast concerts at Mediacity UK.


21:45 Sound Quartet ft Martina Claussen voice and electronics, Paul Pignon assorted reeds, flutes and didge, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics and Triptychos visuals.


22.50 Fixed media EAM – The Zipper from the black lagoon   Thomas Bjelkeborn 

Stage sound Oscar Morris

In the bar music mix by Colorblind_painter

Bar is only open during intermissions (-paus-) between performances.

Produced by concert series Fridays PUSH Fylkingen, Sound Quartet and Triptychos

with support from The Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd).

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