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The last twangs and bangs _Fylkingen 29 sept_

The last twangs and bangs


Friday 29 sept 2023 kl19.30

19:30 Fixed media EAM _ Swingding  Thomas Bjelkeborn


20:00 LIVE

Urtzi Iñigo Ibaibarriaga _ soprano sax

The last tango at Fylkingen  Eva Lindal _ violin

Metal holloring  Thomas Bjelkeborn _ electronics

Philippe Moenne-Loccoz _ electronics and percussion


21:00 HÖRSELBIO _ EAM _ Fixed media surround _ multichannel works

Alpha position U Thomas Bjelkeborn 

In this minimalistic handmade music the elusive travel in space is an illusion created by spectral diffusion. It’s an experiment with the sense of acoustic dislocation without any actual movement, consisting of four channels of monophonic sound with a fifth element as a virtual center. It was composed at VICC Sweden with a couple of guitar sounds grown into a world of close and distant sound object relatives.

Mutations III Philippe Moenne-Loccoz

Continuing the work on “Quelques intrusions dans le domaine de l’unique” undertaken for several years by the composer, this acousmatic work is based on one single sound from a Didjeridoo. This EAM composition consists of several parts and gives an interesting incite into the composers ways of working on the intrinsic qualities of sound that occur when remodelling a raw sound for musical intentions. During the work a very large number of musical incidents was created all taking into account the initial persona of the original first sound.


22:00 Live

Sound Quartet ft Iñigo Ibaibarriaga soprano sax, Eva Lindal violin, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz electronics and percussion, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics and Triptychos visuals.


23.45 Fixed media EAM _ Två fem två   Thomas Bjelkeborn

Stage sound Oscar Morris

In the bar music mix by Colorblind_painter

Bar is only open during intermissions (-paus-) between performances.

Produced by concert series Fridays PUSH Fylkingen, Sound Quartet and Triptychos

with support from The Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd).

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