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petscii, befriendings & eyetimes _Fylkingen 23 feb_



& eyetimes


Friday 24 Februari 2023 kl19.30

19:40 Love in the eye of Queen Mab (EAM fixed media, stereo mix) Thomas Bjelkeborn


20:00 Komp-i-sitioner, Marta Forsberg och Kajsa Magnarsson


21:00 Annie Tådne, audiovisual art

This performance contains use of strobe light effects, sensitive persons to fast blinking lights should take caution. 


22:00 Sound Quartet ft  Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics, Paul Pignon didgeridoo, Eva Lindal violin, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz electronics and Raquel Meyers live pixel art

Stage sound Oscar Morris

In the bar music mix by Bjällra

Bar is only open during intermissions (-paus-) between performances.

Tonights special celebration by label Triptychos, get a CD, support your locals.

Produced by concert series Fridays PUSH Fylkingen and Triptychos

with support from The Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd).

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